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We are proudly offering quality writing journals from The Amazing Office

The Amazing offers come excellent writing journals and we are proud to offer them to our customers.

The Amazing Office Story

(from the website)

Our company is a small company that is firmly committed to providing writers with high quality, unique journals and notebooks.

I started The Amazing Office for two reasons:

  • First, I like to write. I write for clarity, I write for therapy, and I write for fun. And as a writer I saw the need for a high quality, attractive journal that was easy to use.

  • Second, I greatly prefer to write on paper and in a journal. I feel that the words flow quicker when I apply pen directly to paper. I feel journal writing is the most pleasurable method of writing and I have been amazed how many other writers agree.

The Amazing Office is also committed to providing inspiration and motivation to writers. Especially writers that prefer the pleasure of hand writing on paper.

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